My February Glam Bag from Ipsy

Hello Dolls and Guys,

I am here with my February glam bag from Ipsy! I’m really excited about some of the products that came in the bag. Admittedly, some of the products I’m not quite sure what they are. Actually, I just mean one product. I don’t know what it does but I am looking forward to trying it out.

So let’s get started!



1. There is a Cargo lipgloss in Anguilla.


2. A Model Co. blush in Cosmopolitan 01.


3. A Rob Scheppy for ‘tini beauty powder eyeshadow in Pearl Fizz.


5. A “Hey Honey” take it off exfoliating honey peel off mask. So, this was the product I didn’t understand. I am going to go ahead and admit the reason I didn’t know what it was is because I didn’t flip it over. I WAS LOOKING AT THE BACK OF THE PRODUCT. Apparently, I need more sleep if I didn’t have enough sense to just turn the stupid thing over.


6) A Luxie 504 Large Angled Brush. I am really excited about the new brush. I am definitely trying it out tomorrow morning!


I am excited about the February Glam Bag. I don’t know if you all are subscribers but if you’re looking for a subscription bag with some fun treats for only $10 a month — this is the way to go!


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